Sunday, February 21, 2010


Dear Ken,
My God. When I read your report of the wild and vicious red-fish I was both appalled and relieved. (Relieved that I have not been hallucinating!) You see I have been witnessing similar attacks at Balmoral Beach now for a couple years. They have increased in the last month. It happens usually at dawn when there are hardly any people about, just the odd jogger and a lone swimmer. The swimmer suddenly starts bobbing, and is then surrounded by a great boil in the water which turns pink at first and then red within about a minute or two. Then it is over. The swimmer completely disappears, there is nothing left, maybe a floating piece of cloth, a pair of goggles, a snorkel, then that hideous call you described rolling in on the gentle waves. I have reported these attacks to the police, but they simply refuse to believe me. They are blaming these disappearances and others on Grey Nurse sharks, which is ridiculous. They are not killers! 
Your Great Friend, 

Dulcy Deamer

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