Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keri in India

Dear Bob
Keri Glastonbury has just returned from India. She tells me that while swimming in the Kaveri River where it enters the Bay of Bengal, a huge disturbance had people yelling and swimming for the water’s edge. She looked out and saw a series of violent swirls about twenty metres out. A man who had been fishing downstream grabbed his rod and cast into the swirls. The rod was ripped from his hands so violently he sustained friction burns on his palms and fingers. Keri saw what looked like a red panel of light between the ragged walls of breaking water. It seems the Redness has taken hold. Distance is no barrier. Horror scoffs at passport control.
Being from Wagga, Keri remembers the talk surrounding the CSIRO’s dark dealings. She says that no-one went near the Murrumbidgee for about 2 years after the Waggas turned into killers. Even the old hardcore cod fishermen hung up their rods and shredded their hand lines.

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