Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ronnie on Bill

Dear Anthony and Robert,
I am sorry to tell you the man Bill Wisely had in his Hotel room last night is here at my house in the Mountains.  His head was bleeding until I bathed the wound and bandaged it.
He is in a shocking state and keeps saying, "What the hell did I say?" "That guy Bill Wisely from Brooklyn is a killer, he's totally off his head, he's drunk and angry and I did nothing but buy him drinks and pay for a kilo of squid and his petrol. In the end all I remember is telling him of the great waves at Curl Curl beach."
I see by Bill's letter that he thinks Nat is some kind of Mexican Poet, well this is total rubbish, he is nothing of the sort: Nat Tarn is a champion Surfer!
Concerned about you all,

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